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Massage For Everybody

Calgary Asian Therapy Massage and Acupuncture Clinic

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Relieve Pain

Reduce Stress

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Sleep better

Welcome to

An Massage, AcupunctureTherapy Experience

   Our Clinic is a therapeutic treatment that benefits all age groups. This ancient art of touch has many healing features: relaxing the body, releasing muscle fibers, draining the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins from the body, preventing and treating injury
stimulating muscles, improving the circulation of the whole body
Also, massage can reduce pain and anxiety for people with conditions, such as arthritis, chronic headache, sports injuries, and insomnia.
Our Centre specializes in relaxation and therapeutic massage. We offer a range of massages: from relaxation to deep tissue massage.

We service Hot Stone massage. Cupping therapy. stepping back. couples massage.

we also have experienced beauticians and acupuncturists. offer for you facial and acupuncture.

Welcome you coming to our Clinic.

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Your Steps, To Do What Matters


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Our Treatments

15% Off All Items

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Hot Stone Massage

15% Off All Items

Pressure Point Massage

Deep tissue massage

15% Off All Items

Relaxing Massage

Therapeutic massage

15% Off All Items

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage

15% Off All Items



15% Off All Items

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Cupping massage

Our Prices
Pink Roses

30 Minute Session


45 Minute Session

$75 +GST

60 Minute Session

$90+ GST

75 Minute Session

$110 +GST

90 Minute Session

$130 + GST
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